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Our Lighting Products


International Shelter Lighting & Portable Emergency LightingInternational Shelter Lighting and Portable Emergency Lighting. Compliant with US military specifications for mobile hospitals and command posts; these specialized lights provide the highest level of performance and efficiency currently available. By utilizing high-performance power supplies; designed and manufactured by MOCO Enterprises, combined with high-efficiency LED light engines, MOCO Enterprises can provide the best lighting solutions for the harshest environments.


LED Battery Backup System. MOCO’s patent pending LED battery backup system works in conjunction with an AC LED driver to convert a new or existing LED fixture into a battery powered backup lighting system. The unit consists of a smart battery charger and line monitoring system in one compact case. These units are suitable for damp locations or in sealed enclosures when applicable. These systems are designed so that when AC line power fails, the unit immediately switches to the backup mode, operating the LED light engine for a specified period of time. This time is programmable as determined by customers’ requirements. These are perfect devices for emergency lighting situations.


Commercial Lighting Applications. MOCO Enterprises fulfills many commercial customer applications not currently provided at this time. We will be marketing products that are more rugged and reliable than those currently available for all types of lighting applications. Read our warranty.